It’s Hard to Start Over

I spent part of my day at the dentist’s office with my mom. It was then when my dentist (also a family friend) and mom started talking about their struggles they have both experienced when they immigrated here to the US from Myanmar. One thing that stood out to me from that conversation was when my dentist stated, “It’s hard to start over. I wouldn’t do it again”.

I already knew of the obstacles that my family had to face when moving from a small, third-world country to one of the biggest countries known to man. My mother left her comfortable lifestyle back in Burma and went on a job hunt in hopes of beginning a family in the future. And although my father has a degree in Accounting from Burma, he ended up being the neighborhood’s favorite mailman. My parents came from humble beginnings, and they are still humble people.

Tonight, my mom and I had a girl talk in the living room. We talked about my academics, current news, family, and etc. Before going to bed, my mother quietly stated with a heavy sigh, “I don’t think there’s freedom for me here”. I was saddened by those simple words. My mother was an optimistic woman who came to America with high hopes of being able to start a new life for herself and future family. Although her dreams may have came true, the obstacles she had to face has broken her.


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