“A Sign? Or Trial?”

My housemate and I had a long conversation tonight about our career goals and future plans. Fahrin is a pre-dental student and was expressing her frustration with the challenging prerequisite courses for dental school and her busy upcoming fall quarter schedule. She asked me if her troubles with her practicum sites and current struggles with the coursework were a sign for her that dentistry was not what she was meant to do in this life. Shortly afterwards, Fahrin then proceeded by asking me another question, “Or is this a trial that life is giving me? An obstacle?”. I had a pretty long answer to her two questions, but here is what I basically said to her.

Nothing comes easy in life. Whether it be academically, physically, or mentally related, I have learned that everything requires a certain amount of work to be put in. College is hard and being a STEM major does not come easy. Here is one thing I have learned while in college: you either suffer now or suffer later in life. Pursuing a career in the healthcare/medical field is a long process. It requires passion, stamina, hard work, and a lot of patience. We may get sidetracked, lose motivation, and often feel overwhelmed while embarking on this journey of ours. However, if the struggles you are experiencing or the obstacles you are encountering does not change your passion for whatever your end goal may be, you are just facing a trial. In my experience, the struggle just made me crave the goal more! If you are unable to obtain that goal (and all else fails), that’s ok. We dream big sometimes, but we’re still going to end up doing what we are meant to do. Initially, we may not interpret our failures as a good sign. But we will always learn from them eventually won’t we?

Hopefully, this all makes sense. 🙂 And I do hope this entry helps a person out there in one way or another.



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