“But You’re a Nursing Student…”

“Oh my gosh, you’re a nursing student. Do you really need a job?”

This was what my friend told me after I told her that I’ve been searching for a part time job for the summer and school year. Maybe she meant that I’m too busy for a job? Who knows…but I’m pretty sure that was meant to serve as a negative comment.

After being in nursing school for three years, I have dealt with demeaning and negative remarks from family, friends, and strangers about my career choice. “If you got into such a prestigious nursing school, you know you could have become a doctor right? You’re switching to pre-med after this right? Have fun with the bedpans. You’re going to be wiping peoples’ asses all day.” And the list continues. This is common among all nursing students; my professor led a discussion one day during class regarding this topic and 95% of my classmates have encountered such attitudes.

I guess people don’t realize that nurses do and know much more than they think. Emptying urinals and feeding patients are definitely part of the job at times, but nurses are constantly on their feet, patient advocates and educators, and etc. Nurses are there to prevent unfortunate things from happening, to hold a patient’s hand when they are in pain, and etc. (Obviously there are more to the list, but I’m still a novice and a student so I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at things here). I just hope that-one day-the stigma that comes with being a nurse will disappear.

Long story short-being a nurse is hard (like everything else in life) and I still need to work hard to be where I want to be in the future. Things don’t come easy to anyone in life. End of rant.


2 thoughts on ““But You’re a Nursing Student…”

  1. Personally I feel very obliged to nurses. They are one of the most patient folks that I have ever encountered. Yup, who would collect the pots of urinal and wipe of feces of patients if given a choice and nurses made that choice. I still remember when I went in for a surgery last year and while coming out of anesthesia, I had this urge to let my bowels free. The nurses said that it’s just a feeling and I told them “No” I have really done the job. Patiently they flipped me to the side and wiped off all of that mess and continued on with their job. Salute to that, I don’t even know if I could do that. Keep the posts coming about your life! Sometimes I really wonder, do they break down and cry while doing all this job or do they take happiness and satisfaction that they have helped someone feel better today.

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    1. Hi Vijayan! Thanks for reading. From the stories I have heard from friends and nurses, there are obviously good and bad days. However, most of the nurses I have met love what they do and are passionate about giving their patient quality care. 🙂


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